Immune Response Regulation


Immune Response Regulation, Molecular Mechanisms. The powerful immune reaction is a final results of the response among antigen and a community of immunologically ready cells. Effective immune responses are generally resulted from the interactions among pathogens and a community of immunologic elements. The innate immune reaction includes physical, chemical and cell defenses towards pathogens. The essential cause of the innate immune reaction is to right away save you the unfold and motion of overseas pathogens for the duration of the frame.

May encompass abstracts focusing on

·         Signal Pathways in Immune Cell Development, Regulation and Activation

·         MHC: Evolution and Polymorphisms

·         Molecular Aspects of Repertoire Formation (Recombination, Isotype Switching, Somatic Mutation)

·         Transcriptional Regulation of the Immune System

·         Structural Biology of Immune Regulation



The mechanisms of innate immunity offer the preliminary protection towards infections. Adaptive immune responses expand later and require the activation of lymphocytes. Innate and adaptive immune responses are additives of an included machine of host protection wherein several cells and molecules characteristic cooperatively.

May encompass abstracts focusing on:

·         Cellular Mechanisms of Host Defense

·         Crosstalk of Complement with Other Immune Systems

·         Ontogeny of Host Defense Mechanisms


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