Immuno informatics & Systems immunology

Immuno-informatics is forming models of disease states grounded upon these data sets. This core works with CIIID researchers who will sort through the data to recognize specific gene functions within innate immune response networks that would be targets for therapy. It also classifies immune responsible gene networks from the high-throughput data sets to identify biomarkers that permit us to assess how the immune system responds to trauma, infection, cancer and treatment.

Systems immunology can be defined as a broad strategy for understanding how a complex set of interacting components works to produce certain outcomes. Long time ago,immunologists coined the term ‘immune system’ in recognition to just how well this label fits the field, but for much of its long history, most insights into the immune system came from painstaking examination of the parts and their largely individual properties shows against that and not so much of activities found across the whole immune system.

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    April 04-05, 2024

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    Madrid, Spain
    May 23-24, 2024

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